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Below are some links to services I genuinely believe in (Sorry ACR, Ignition, and PokerBros)

Training and Software

Learn Pro Poker (MTT Training) $40/month - The brainchild of former "Chasing Poker Greatness" guest Ryan LaPlante, Learn Pro Poker is for aspiring MTT crushers and provides a clean, linear learning path so that you don't miss or skip over any important concepts.
Red Chip Poker (Cash Game/MTT Training) $5/week - Co-Founded by former Chasing Poker Greatness guest James "Splitsuit" Sweeney, Red Chip Poker's Core wants to help you simplify complex strategies and has 200+ in-depth lessons, quizzes, hand histories, and a (free) nurturing and active community you can plug right into.
SolveForWhy (Cash Game/MTT Training) $9.99/month - Created by nose bleed crusher and guest #1 of CPG Matt Berkey, Solve For Why offers the most innovative and highest production value poker training videos on the market. 
Range Trainer Pro (Cash and MTT Training) $74.99/year - If you have problems recalling optimal ranges when you need them most (in the heat of battle), Range Trainer Pro lets you practice and learn your preflop ranges at a lightning fast pace (Just a few minutes per day) so that you don't make any pre-flop mistakes when thousands of dollars are on the line. Created by former Chasing Poker Greatness guest K.L. Cleeton.
Hold 'Em Manager 3 $60-$160 - The best software on the market for analyzing past hands you've played, keeping track of your wins/losses, and helping you plug leaks you wouldn't be able to find on your own.

Poker Tracker - Hold 'Em Manager 3 is way better in my opinion so just click the above link :)

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While I would LOVE to support a SINGLE ONE (Because they're the most profitable affiliate programs in the poker world and everybody needs a safe site to play on) I just can't bring myself to do it.

Platforms should make you feel safe, secure, and like you're their most important priority ...

But EVERY SINGLE ONE I know of is unsafe, not secure, and considers players only in the context of "What's the maximum amount of money I can make from each individual player before they go somewhere else?" 

This isn't to say I recommend you not play online poker because frankly what choice do you (Or any of us) really have? 

Just keep your account balances low, distrust all operators, and be an advocate for legalization at every opportunity.
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